Premium Bloody Mary Mix

The Official Drink of Brunch

A bold premium Bloody Mary Mix, featuring horseradish, worcestershire, steak sauce, and a unique blend of spices along with a mixture of tomato and vegetable juices. 

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Dude Wow Bloody Mary Mixes
Dude Wow All Natural Bloody Mary Mix

Dude Wow All Natural

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All Natural Bloody Mary mix handcrafted with high-quality all natural ingredients for a bold and distinctive flavor while keeping true to our original mix flavors. Try this delicious Gluten-Free version, pre-order your bottles now at a special presale price

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Original Seasoning Paste

More than the average Bloody Mary Mix

A versatile concentrated seasoning that creates flavor-packed custom drinks or simply use it as a marinade, rub, or condiment, Check out some of the inspiring and delicious dishes from our chefs and customers in our recipe section, and let us know how you make your next dish elicit a “DUDE, WOW.”

Returning 2024
Dude Wow Bloody Mary Paste
Drunken Tomato Awards

2023 Drunken Tomato Awards
Gold Medal Winner!

Dude Wow earned the prestigious Gold Medal at the 2023 Drunken Tomato Awards, an international competition featuring the finest mixes from around the world. Try our mix today and create your own award-winning Bloody Mary!

Gold Award from the Drunken Tomato Awards
Brandon Igdalsky, Dude Wow Founder and his dog Norman

The Story of Our Perfect Bloody Mary

It wasn’t until I was in my early 30s that I realized I liked Bloody Marys. As many of us have realized, as we age, our palates change. Flavors that are not well-received in our younger years are suddenly delicious.

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